Important Update

The rumm tool is no longer under active development and will be retired April 2016.

The preferred tool for working with the Rackspace Cloud is rack (on Github) and we strongly encourage you to move over to it. You'll like it!

rumm is an extensible command line tool written in Ruby
that makes managing the Rackspace Cloud easy as pie


Rumm is a gem. Install it like any other:

gem install rumm

Check the version to verify all is well...

rumm --version


coming soon...

rumm Basics

Authentication: Before you can use rumm, you'll need a Rackspace Cloud account. It's free to sign up. rumm is self-configuring - just use the login command.

rumm login
  username: rstevenson
  password: *********
  logged in, credentials written to ~/.netrc

After logging in for the first time, rumm will save your API credentials in ~/.netrc.

You now have access to all of your Rackspace Cloud assets - servers, databases, files, images, etc.

rumm create server
  --> bootstrapping server sorrel-shantung

rumm show servers
  sorrel-shantung -> id: f89c4f57-f66b-4a14-aae2-e3dedf7f59b2, status: ACTIVE, ipv4:

For a complete list of available commands, please see the Documentation.

Under the Hood

Rumm is built on the MVCLI framework. Much like Ruby on Rails was extracted from the development of Basecamp, MVCLI was extracted from the development of rumm. MVCLI can be thought of as "Rails for command line tools", and consists of a MVC-like Ruby framework that Rails developers will find familiar.

The heavy lifting of the Rackspace OpenStack API is handled by fog.


But wait, there's more! MVCLI was built from the ground up to allow for plugin development. Much like a Rails Engine, an MVCLI plugin is a gem that has its own models, views and controllers that can be used to extend the functionality of any MVCLI application, including rumm.

MVCLI does not yet support plugins, but it will soon. In the mean time, the 'railsify server' command currently built into rumm is a good example of what a plugin can do. 'railsify server' will install your entire Ruby on Rails production stack onto a cloud sever with one command! It's not currently a plugin, but it will be extracted into one as soon as the support is there.

Contribute to rumm

Rumm is an open source project and welcomes contributions. The source code is on GitHub and you can use GitHub issues to report bugs. There are several ways that you can help out with rumm:

For more information regarding rumm, please contact Rackspace SDK Support.