Rackspace .NET SDK

Automating all things Rackspace

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The Rackspace .NET SDK is here to help you automate any Rackspace service. Our goal?

If the control panel can do it, we can automate it!


Here is what you can do with the Rackspace .NET SDK:

  • Provision multiple application servers with Cloud Servers
  • Secure your network with Cloud Networks
  • Meet high availability requirements with Cloud Load Balancers
  • Associate a domain name to your server using Cloud DNS
  • Scale your server's drive space with Cloud Block Storage
  • Deploy your website's static files with Cloud Files
  • Setup a MySQL database with Cloud Databases
  • Use durable message queueing with Cloud Queues
  • Enable Akamai with Rackspace CDN

Getting Started

Take a look at Getting Started with .NET SDK for information on supported services and walkthroughs. Also our Samples page has quick examples to get you jump started without all that pesky reading.

Use NuGet to install the Rackspace package:

PM> Install-Package Rackspace

The first step is always authentication. You can find your username and api key in the Rackspace Cloud Control Panel. Once you have your identity configured, pass it to the service constructor and go to town!

using net.openstack.Core.Domain;
using net.openstack.Providers.Rackspace;
using Rackspace.CloudNetworks.v2;

// Configure identity used for authentication
var identity = new CloudIdentity
    Username = username,
    APIKey = apiKey
var identityService = new CloudIdentityProvider(identity);

// Construct any service and pass in the identityService
var networkService = new CloudNetworkService(identityService);
// Do cool things here...